1. When I will get paid if I make a sale

    Subject to cancellation and/or refund of products printed based on your Images, we shall send your payment to you on the 15 th day of the next calendar month. Local artist will be pay be bank transfer, whereas foreign artist will be pay by paypal. Therefore, please make sure the information you give to use during registration is correct.

  2. What is your return policy?

    In the event that a product that you purchase from the Website is damaged, you may return the product to us within twenty one (21) days from your date of receipt of the product. We do not bear the cost of transport of the product back to us.

  3. When will my order being ship?

    Your order will be ship after 5 workings day when your order confirmed.

  4. Do PEEKARTS ship worldwide?

    Yes we do, delivery charges might be occurred, and it is depend on the locations. As long DHL or Fedex can reach your locations, then we can ship to you.

  5. How can I track my order?

    As long your order has been ship, we will send you a email confirmation with the tracking number. We send to the email that you provide to us during registration. You may track your product online with the tracking number that we provide to you.

  6. If I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

    It is pretty simple, just click on forget password during login. An email will be send to reset your password.

  7. What kind of file format should I use when uploading images.

    Your images need to be save in JPEG or TIF files only. The color mode shall be in CMYK mode. Your photo must be save 3000 pixels or above.

    You file shouldn’t be more than 25mb.

  8. If I sell my image in PEEKARTS, do I have to be exclusive here?

    No, you do not have to be exclusive here. You may upload your images in other website you want.

  9. Should I include a digital signature or copyright notice on my images?

    Everything that appears in your images will appear in your prints. Digital signatures are fine as long as they look "stylized". Think of it this way - if you were a buyer, would you want to see that signature on the artwork? Copyright notices are generally frowned upon. No one wants to see COPYRIGHT 2011 JASON SMITH printed across a piece of artwork that they want to hang on their wall.

  10. How much should I charge on my images?

    PEEKARTS business model is that you can charge as much or as little as you want to. For example, If you want to sell an 10” x 15” print for RM500, that's great. If you want to sell it for RM2, that's great, too. It’s completely up to you.

    But please keep in mind, there are hundreds of thousands of artists who use PEEKARTS. You're participating in the largest online art market place in south east Asia. If your prices are too high, then you might price yourself out of the market. If they're too low, you may be missing out on extra profits.

    Majority the artist will send their profit between RM10-RM30.

  11. Do you offer free shipping?

    Yes, we do offer free shipping to Malaysia and Singapore only. Other than that, deliver charges will occur.

  12. What happen when my product is damage during the shipment?

    Don’t worry. We will replace it for you if the product damage during shipment.