the hummingbirds and snail

May 24th 2018

Hummingbirds beat wings 15 to 80 times per second. Snail crawling takes 5 days to finish 1 km Perhaps we do not like the hummingbirds of the beat, we can only crawl like a snail 5 days to complete the 1 km road, as long as the faith is still no way in the road will arrive one day. 蜂鸟每秒拍打翅膀15至80次。 蜗牛爬行需要5天才能走完1公里。 或许我们不像蜂鸟那样的节拍,我们只能像蜗牛爬行5天才能完成1公里的路,只要信念还在不管路在远终有一天会到达。

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the hummingbirds and snail by Bluelionartlife. The artwork will be printed directly on the back of a 5.5mm thickness acrylic. The high gloss of acrylic sheet complements the rich color of any image to produce fabulous product. There are two mounting option for the artwork, which is four aluminium mounting post or hanging wire with wood frame behind of the acrylic.

For aluminium mounting posts, you may need to remove the cylindrical cap of each mounting post, and thread a small screw along the center axis of the post and into the wall. When you are finish, simply place the cylindrical cap back and you are done. The hardware that required to install the art piece is posts, screw and wall anchor.

For hanging wire finishing, the art pieces will be attach to a wood frame and hanging wire on the back. There are no metal mounting post at the corner of the artwork. All you need to do is put a nail on a wall and hang the artwork with the hanging wire behind. It is just as simply as that.

the hummingbirds and snail by Bluelionartlife. The artwork will get printed onto our premium canvas and then stretched on a wooden frame of 1.5” x 1.5” stretcher bars. The canvas is “ready to hang” with attached hanging wire and mounting hooks when we deliver to you. All of our product is printed on acid free canvases with archival inks to guarantee that the prints could last a lifetime without fading or loss of color.

the hummingbirds and snail by Bluelionartlife. The artwork will get printed directly on a sheet of 3mm thick aluminium. The aluminium sheet attached with around 2cm thickness of wooden frame. The high gloss aluminium sheet complements the rich colors of any image to produce the fabulous results. Metal prints are extremely durable, they are light weight and water resistant. The art pieces will be delivered with “ready to hang” and mounting hooks.


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